Insta Stitcher is a free video and photo stitching software designed for Insta Pro, Pro 2 and Titan cameras. With just a few clicks, you can stitch the individual files from each camera lens together into a complete photo or video.

First check that your Insta Pro 2 photo files have been saved in the same project folder. You should have a project file, a gyro data file, six original photo files and a thumbnail photo. Drag the entire folder into Insta Stitcher to import.

Preview the stitching effect and adjust the perspective as desired. This is particularly helpful for images with complex patterns at the top of the image, like tree branches.

First check that your Insta Pro 2 video files have been saved in the same project folder. You should have a project file, six original video files, six proxy files and a preview video. Select your stitching mode as explained above, then sampling type. For moving camera scenes, consider choosing a slower sampling type from the three options: Fast, Medium and Slow.

Sampling with a lower speed can result in better video quality for moving scenes. But if the camera is static in your video, the end result will be similar among sample types.

Preview the effect and adjust as desired, then export. You can export videos at up to 8K quality with H. To stitch Insta Pro 2 timelapses, first stich the photos in Insta Stitcher as explained above. Then import the photos into Adobe Premiere Pro. Create a new sequence and edit and color correct the video as desired. To export in 8K quality with H.

Otherwise, players like YouTube and Facebook will not be able to recognize your video as a video and will display it as a flat video instead. This plug-in allows you to edit immediately using the Insta Pro 2 proxy files. Keen to keep up to date on Insta user stories? Your email address will not be published.

Stitching photos in Insta Stitcher. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.At the end of August, Insta revealed its Pro2 camera, the second iteration of it's "Pro" series.

I ordered mine on launch day mainly for its long-range preview and camera control. I'm a drone operator and having a camera that I could control and monitor over long distances was a critical factor in my purchase decision.

But that wasn't the only feature I was looking forward to testing. In addition, the Insta Pro2 has slots for 1 SD card which holds stitched files plus 6 Micro SD cards one Micro SD card for each lens that allow the InstaPro2 to capture video footage at up to Mbps, a 3X improvement over the achievable bitrate of its predecessor, the Insta Pro. All of this translates into footage that is markedly improved. The Insta Pro2 comes equipped with an internal 9-axis gyroscope and FlowState image stabilization which means that you no longer have to spend time and effort stabilizing your footage.

It all happens for you seamlessly and in the background.

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For anyone who has been looking for the most efficient way to capture high quality and stable content from a drone like methis is a very welcomed feature. Of course it's not just drone shooting where stabilization is critical, and so having a built-in stabilizer that negates the need to buy, set-up, carry, and provide power to an external gimbal is a huge production value-add for all sorts of shooting scenarios.

In my case, flying this camera from a drone, it meant me not having to fly, power, and balance an additional 6lb with counter-weights gimbal which translated into quicker deployment and greater flight times two things that matter a great deal to me. Taking a look at the clip above, you can see how much the drone was moving and when you compare that to how stable the footage is, it's impressive.

But achieving that level of stability while investing zero extra time in post is the real achievement. With its Pro2 camera, Insta has re-designed workflow to allow you to craft your edit upfront and stitch your footage later.

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It's a significant reimagining of post-production because the alternative means having to invest time and storage space to import and stitch footage that may just end up on the cutting room floor. With its Adobe Premiere extension, Insta allows you to go from camera to editing timeline literallymake your edit decisions, add transitions, color-correct, and then export your footage. On export, the footage in your timeline is stitched in the background in a way that doesn't require any additional input for you.

It does this by automatically creating a fully stitched low-res proxy file in-camera while you shoot and then automatically assigning and enabling that proxy file again all in the background when you use the new Insta Importer extension for Premiere Pro.

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There are two basic methods for getting your footage from the cards in your camera into your editing workflow. You can plug your cards into a 7-Port USB hub transfer to a local hard drive or you can connect your computer directly to the camera, import the footage to your computer, then go into your edit from there. The USB card method is definitely faster and I'd recommend it over connecting directly to the camera.

insta 360 pro 2 import

Once your footage has been imported, the real time-saving begins if you're editing in Premiere Pro. For those who don't edit using Premiere, your post-production workflow will begin inside of the Insta stitcher program which you can download from the company's website for free.

You'll need to first download and install the Insta Importer extension. Once you've done that, beginning your edit is ridiculously simple.

Open up the extension, click "Import," and navigate to the root folder where you've transferred all of your footage. Click on the folder containing the footage you want to work with and then click "open". A thumbnail will appear in the extension and a stitched, ready-to-edit copy of your footage appears in your project within seconds.

insta 360 pro 2 import

The Insta Pro2 creates a fully stitched low-res proxy file that gets stored on the SD card in the Pro2. When you import your footage into Premiere, the extension automatically associates all 6 high res video files from each of the Insta Pro2's sensors with the fully stitched proxy, meaning you can go from capture to edit without first wading through tons of heavy footage, stitching it, exporting it, and then beginning your edit.

It's really a game-changer. Now while Adobe Premiere is the only editing platform to offer this streamlined workflow, Insta says that they are working on developing additional integrations. If you don't edit in Adobe Premiere, your post-production workflow will begin in the Insta Stitcher where, again, you'll have the option of importing your footage directly from the camera or from the cards via a 7 USB hub.

You will first click on the "Pro2 File Manager" tab which will ask you to navigate to the root folder of any card containing any of your Insta Pro2 media. Once selected, the stitcher app will collect all of the associated files and folders and transfer them onto your machine at a location of your choice.

Once that's complete, you'll be able to drag your media folder onto the "Local" tab of the Insta Stitcher app and work with your media from there.A professional VR camera you can actually move with. Capture dynamic, stabilized, 3D footage that's ready to watch on a VR headset. Why use a professional 8K camera if your viewers are using a headset or smartphone that can only render 4K? Insta's new CrystalView player solves this problem. CrystalView works by converting your 8K camera footage into a specially segmented sphere.

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Insta Farsight provides ground-to-ground range of up to meters and ground-to-air range of up to meters, with 30 FPS preview. Signal range is about 20 meters in open space. Max preview framerate of 30 FPS, supported in roughly 5-meter range. Six low-res proxy files one per lens automatically saved in video mode; tailored for smooth editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Аэросъемка Insta360Titan. Insta360 Titan aerial survey DJI Matrice600

Watch Creator Story. CrystalView 8K Playback. Spherical Audio. Praise for the Insta Pro 2. Play Demo. A simpler VR camera workflow. Traditional Workflow. Curve Adjustment Intuitive controls. Instant feedback. Fine-tune highlights, midtones and shadows in real time. VR live streaming has never been easier. Supports SDI output and real-time dynamic stitching with an external server.

HDR comparison. In every direction. Bitrate comparison. Four built-in mics capture full-sphere Ambisonic audio. Purpose-built mounting points for professional VR camera audio tools. No more GPS accessories Top-mounted antenna strengthens signal and improves accuracy.

CrystalView 8K Playback Deliver what you really shot.The original files are stored in multiple storage cards. When the camera starts to read storage devices, user only needs to connect Pro 2 to a computer to transfer files from the storage cards to the computer by using the one-key import tool in Stitcher. There is no need to pull out any storage card.

In the Available versions section, please select to download the corresponding Horndis driver software according to the current Mac system version, and then install the software. Please note that after you have put your camera in storage device reading mode, and your computer has direct access to the directories of multiple storage cards, you can drag the folders in your SD card not MicroSD directly to Stitcher for use.

However, this approach depends on the stability and reliability of the network, so it is strongly recommended to save the content to the local computer before splicing or editing. Alternatively, if you have purchased an official card reader and hub package, you can take out the seven storage cards and insert them into the card reader and hub to connect to your computer, and then manually merge the folders with same name and copy them to your computer.

Wait for your computer to recognize and mount all storage cards. Click the "Import" button below method 1. Choose the root directory from any one of the inserted SD cards. It takes a while to load all the contents in SD cards. Please wait for the loading process to complete. After all the files are loaded, click the button "Import contents to local drive" at the bottom.

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Then all the selected contents will be imported to the local drive. Import method 2: Connect your Pro 2 to your computer via LAN cable Go to the Pro 2's home menu, select the fifth function and start storage device reading mode. Wait until the camera displays "Reading storage devices…". If the camera shows "Loading failed" after entering this mode, please restart the camera. Connect the Pro 2 camera to your computer via LAN cable.

You can copy the contents to the same directory and merge the folders with the same name. If you see six MicroSD cards and one SD card, you have successfully accessed all of your camera's storage devices. You can choose to merge files in individual folders manually and copy them locally on your computer, or you can import them by using Stitcher's one-click import tool. Click the "Import" button below Method 2. Access this directory and choose a root directory from any one of your SD cards.

In this way, you don't have to type its network address each time. Go to the Pro 2's home menu, select the fifth function and start storage device reading mode. Choose the root directory from any SD card under server address: All the rest of the photo mode's jpg and dng are stored in the SD card. When shot in two formats, the same group of photos have the same folder name in all memory cards.

Each shot creates a folder containing project files pro. Some photo modes cannot create preview photo due to performance defect. You can find functions of file import, google street view upload, log display, preference settings hardware decoding or software decodinghardware performance test, language settings, log upload, etc. On the left is a list of files.

You can drag folders directly to import files. Stiching Box only supports Pro 1 currently. Pro's official forum is shown at the bottom left, which provides latest software information, tutorials, technical discussions, feedback and suggestions to Insta In the middle is real time monitor window, supporting the playback of the file in any lens. Below is task status bar, where you can see the stitching process and check what has been done.

In the upper right is stitching setting area, where you can set up stitching Content Type Monoscopic and Stereo and Stitching Mode optical flow and template stitching. Sampling type and Blender Type generally have default settings. Default Circle Position is used to optimize stitching at top of the frame and under dark conditions. The lower right corner is output settings, where you can set the exported resolution, output directory path and output file name.

Stitching effect preview is for you to check the stitching effect of various play modes, manually adjust main angle of stitching, optimize stitching at top of the frame, make color correction, etc. For Stitching Mode, you can select new optical flow and optical flow to calculate new template according to current picture.

Optical Flow: basic optical flow algorithm, general stitching speed. New Optical Flow: an increase of nearly 3 times of stitching speed on original basic optical flow but few scenes can achieve less stitching effect than basic optical flow.

Insta360 Stitcher Tutorial: Stitch Insta360 Pro 2 Photos, Videos & Timelapses

It is suggested to try basic optical flow and compare effects when you feel dissatisfied about the stitching effect of new optical flow.Thank you for the free resource. Like a few others commented above, it would be great to have these sheets in French, too. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Home page By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy.

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REVIEW: An All-Around Look at Insta360's Flagship Pro2 360 Camera

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The Colts are solid on the front line, but are weak at linebacker, especially with John Simon getting hurt last week and now out for the season. This is a matchup the Bills have to exploit with LeSean McCoy. New Bills receiver Kelvin Benjamin caught 3 passes in a 47-10 loss to the Saints. How much will Peterman and Kelvin Benjamin matter to the passing game. However, the Bills need to find a way to take advantage of a Colts defense that ranks dead last in the NFL in passing yards allowed and 30th in sacks per pass attempt.

The last time we saw Benjamin, he was catching a perfectly-thrown 20-yard pass over the middle from Peterman in Los Angeles. He hurt his knee on the play, left the game, and Peterman melted down with five interceptions. He and Peterman have worked closely for three months on the scout team and have a connection with each other.

Can the Bills dominate Colts QB Jacoby Brissett again. Buffalo held him to 205 harmless passing yards and pitched a shutout that day. Brissett has completed only 60 percent of his passes, has a mere 10 TD passes to seven interceptions, and is still learning the full scope of the offensive system as he joined the team right at the start of the regular season.

Gaines can combine to slow down WR T. Theoretically, there is no way the Bills can lose this game. The Colts are awful, as their 3-9 record suggests. Buffalo has the better roster from top to bottom, and that should carry the day.

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The Bills (26th, 27th) and Colts (27th, 29th) are two of the three, and the Giants (28th, 32nd) are the other team. Bills Preston Brown is called for pass interference against Saints Michael Hoomanawanui.

insta 360 pro 2 import

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